Referendum Request Procedure


2021 capital expenditures (By-laws no 825 to 829)

At the City council sitting held on February 8, 2021, the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue municipal council adopted the following by-laws entitled:

a)      Règlement numéro 825 décrétant des dépenses en immobilisations pour des travaux d’infrastructure de la rue Aumais (entre les rues Tremblay et Aumais) et un emprunt de 3 594 350 $;

b)      Règlement numéro 826 décrétant des dépenses en immobilisations pour des travaux de pulvérisation et resurfaçade de la rue Cypihot (entre les rues Aumais et Leslie-Dowker) et un emprunt de 762 799 $;

 c)       Règlement numéro 827 décrétant des dépenses en immobilisations pour des travaux de stabilisation et protection des sols au parc Godin et un emprunt de 732 643 $;

d)      Règlement numéro 828 décrétant des dépenses en immobilisations pour des travaux de réfection de la promenade du canal et un emprunt de 776 674 $; et

e)      Règlement numéro 829 décrétant des dépenses en immobilisations pour des honoraires professionnels et un emprunt de 681 815 $. 

By virtue of decree 2020-033 of May 7, 2020, taken in the context of the declaration of health emergency ordered by the government, any registration procedure for persons qualified to vote applied under Chapter IV of Title II of the Loi sur les élections et les référendums dans les municipalités is replaced until further notice by a period of reception of written requests for a referendum vote of 15 days.

Here you will find the documents related to this referendum request procedure:


Pumping station - Terrasse Maxime and Terrasse Marc-Antoine (By-laws no.815 and 815-1)

The administrators of the Syndicat des co-propriétaires de la "Baie de Kassy's Cove" wish to cede the pumping station to the Ville de Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue so that the City assumes the maintenance, repair or replacement of the pumping station which is currently there. Prior to the transfer, the City requires that renovation work are made by the City and bring the pumping station up to standard. To this effect, a public tender was launched and the contract was awarded.

A local improvement loan by-law was passed to secure funds to carry out the work. In order to meet the expenses incurred by this loan by-law, a local tax will be imposed on the owners of the area, as indicated on the plan annexed to the public notice. A letter of authorization and acceptance was signed and sent to the City by the union administrators. This referendum request procedure allows the residents concerned* to vote on the process, if they wish.

*The residents concerned are the owners of a unit on rue Terrasse Maxime and rue Terrasse Marc-Antoine.


You will find below all the documents relating to the referendum request procedure as well as the form to send to the municipal office at