16 January, 2023

Closing of the Marché Richelieu - A word from Ms. Hawa

Category : Community

Like many of my fellow citizens, it was with a mixture of surprise and sadness that I learned on Friday that the Marché Richelieu, the only grocery store in town, was closing. Established in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue 85 years ago, this business played a key role in our community, providing food to local residents.

Obviously, this news raises several legitimate questions about the reasons that led the owners to make this decision after only three years of operation (the business had been owned by a cooperative since 2020). In that regard, I have reached out to Metro to try and understand the situation, and I expect they will be responding within the next few hours.

Local businesses like the Marché Richelieu are essential to the vitality of the towns and villages of Quebec. Their disappearance should be of great concern for all. 

To be continued…