11 May, 2022

New - Tennis court online reservation

Category : Leisure, culture and sports

With the warm weather back, it is now time to play outside. What better way to take advantage of this beautiful weather than to go to Crevier and Aumais parks to play tennis. 

Online resevation

It is important to note that for the 2022 summer season, there will be a small change surrounding the practice of tennis on City courts. Residents wishing to play tennis will be required to reserve a court online for a maximum of 60 minutes. Reservations must be made through the citizen portal. See the available procedure regarding the reservation. Only one hour of play is available each day per resident to allow everyone a chance to play. Please note, you can only reserve a court a maximum of three days in advance. For example: on Monday you will only be able to reserve a court for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The minimum age to reserve a court is 12 years old.