Ice Condition

The rinks are currently closed. They will open for winter 2020-2021, as soon as weather permits.



At all times: A physical distance of two meters between people or family bubbles must be respected.

In the red zone: Organized activities are prohibited. The practice of hockey is not allowed. The skating rinks are for free skating only. The park chalets will be accessible only for the washrooms.
*From January 9 to February 8: The schedules have been modified. Please check them here.

In the orange or yellow zone: Access to the skates room will be allowed. Compliance with health instructions (wearing a mask, physical distancing, etc.) must be applied.

Note: Our teams do their utmost to maintain the rinks, however, the condition might not be optimal due to weather conditions.


Parc Harpell - ice rink opened

The ice rink at parc Harpell is opened. Consult the schedule here.


Parc Aumais - ice rink opened

The ice skating rink at parc Aumais is opened. Consult the schedule here.


Parc Godin - ice rink opened

The ice rink at parc Godin is opened. Consult the schedule here.


Important Information

It is important to underline that climate change has a significant impact on the possibility of practicing this activity. Frequent and significant variations in weather conditions and reduced frost period affect the quality of the ice and often completely prevent preparation. Our teams make sure to prepare the ice rinks ice rinks so that they are operational as soon as the weather allows.

For more information on our municipal ice rinks, visit the Skating Rinks tab.