The Neighbours’ Day


The Neighbours’ Day

It is time to plan your participation in the Neighbours’ Day! A fun way to get to know each other better and strengthen good neighbourly relations.

Neighbours’ Day is simply neighbours extending invitations for Happy Hour (5 à 7), a barbeque, a picnic, a pot luck buffet, a dessert contest, etc. with the goal of getting to know each other.

Why participate in Neighbours’ Day?

  • To develop a sense of belonging, mutual assistance and a feeling of safety.
  • To bridge the gap between generations and citizens of diverse origins. 
  • To foster a dynamic of participation in the community.

Information : | 514 457-1605 | 
Date: Saturday, June 8th
Location: in your backyard, the lobby of your building, on your street, in your local park, etc.