Activities summary


General Information

All activities take place at the library. Please note in the detail of the activity if registration is required.

For information and registration (if required) : 514-457-1940
Cost : Free with membership card, $5 without membership card


Youth Book Club

Come read, listen and share books with us. Cookies and milk available !

Clientele : 7 to 11 years old | Minimum of 5 participants
Schedule : 10 am to 11 am

French Club: Heidi
Sunday, starting October 13th

English Club: The Chronicles of Narnia
Sunday, starting February 9th

Information and registration is required : 514-457-1940
Cost : Free with membership card, $5 without membership card


Book Club - Adults

Information and registration is required : 514-457-1940
Cost : Free with membership card, $5 without membership card
Schedule : 2nd Wednesday of each month (Break in July and August)

  • Francophone Club at 2 pm
  • Anglophone Club at 7 pm 

The group gets together to discuss and express their opinions on a book that they have read. Interested participants must sign up at the library.


Knit-Tea Club

Whether you would like to knit in good company, exchange knitting tips, or simply enjoy yourself, bring your needles and wool and join us for tea! No material is provided.

Clientele: Adults | Bilingual
Schedule: Friday | 10 am to 12 pm


Art Exhibitions

Come and admire featured art works from our local artists. Monthly exhibitions. We are looking for artists.

For info :
Date : During opening hours


Introduction to Knitting | Children

Want to learn to knit? On Tuesday afternoons after school, we offer two sessions of three workshops each on the basics of knitting. A different achievable project per session. Materials provided.

Clientele: 6 years and older | Bilingual
Location: Library
Schedule: Monday | 4:30 pm to 6 pm
Dates: January 20th and 27th, February 3rd 2020
Animator: Linda Champagne


Arts and Crafts | Paper Lantern

Making paper lanterns using printed pages from old and cut-up books. Material provided.

Clientele:      Adults (16 years +) | Bilingual
Schedule:     Wednesday, February 19th | 6:30 pm
Animator:     Linda Champagne


Arts and Crafts | Valentine's Day

Making paper roses. Materials provided.

Clientele:      6 to 12 years old | Bilingual
Schedule:     Saturday, February 8th | 10 am to 11:15 am
Animator:     Linda Champagne


Conference | Unclutter to Better Organize

Hosted by Tout à sa place, this intimate and interactive lecture explains how to optimize your living space and maximize storage to make it simple and efficient. This is for anyone who wants to better organize their space in order to better organize their life!

Clientele:      Adults | In French
Schedule:    Wednesday, January 29th | 7 pm
Animator:     Véronique Longpré


Conference | Fermentation Theory and Kombucha Workshop"

Find out everything you need to know to prepare the best homemade Kombucha. Tasting is on the menu.

Clientele:      Adults | In French
Schedule:    Wednesday, November 20th | 7 pm
Animator:     Mannanova


Halloween at the Library

Distribution of candies to children wearing costumes during opening hours.

Location : Library
Schedule : Tuesday, October 31st | 10 am to 8 pm


Story telling

Clientele : 3 to 7 years old | Bilingual
Schedule : 10 am to 10:45 am
Dates : Saturday, November 23rd, February 1st, March 14th and Sunday, December 15th 
Animator : Linda Champagne


Board Game evening

For information and required registration: 514-457-1940
Cost: Free with membership card $5 without membership card

A great opportunity to discover new board games from our collection or revisit the classics. It is also an opportunity to have a good time with friends or to meet over a game. We have over a hundred games for your enjoyment (puzzles, strategy games, cards, memory games, speed games, etc.).

Clientele: Family | Bilingual
Location: Library
Schedule: First Friday of each month | 7 pm to 9 pm