Permits & Forms


General information

Before starting any work on your property, please check with the Urban Planning Department to find out if you must first obtain a building permit or certificate of authorization. As a guideline, a permit or certificate is required for the type of work mentioned below (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Building expansion
  • Changing the vocation of a building or a piece of land
  • Construction of an accessory building
  • Construction of a porch, veranda, deck or patio
  • Construction or replacement of a retaining wall
  • Construction or installation of a pool (in-ground or above ground) or a spa
  • Demolition of a main or an accessory building
  • Excavation, backfill and removal of rubble
  • Felling a tree over 10 cm (4") in diameter, measured at 1 m (3,3') of the ground level (Trimming more than 30% of the branches on a tree figuring on the list of trees to be protected) 
  • Garage sale
  • Installation or modification of a poster, sign or billboard
  • Installation of a temporary building
  • Landscaping
  • New construction
  • Occupation of public property
  • Peddling
  • Renovation/transformation of a building
  • Use of the aqueduct network
  • Use of pesticide
  • Watering outside permitted hours

If you have any doubts about whether or not you need to obtain a permit or a certificate, please contact the Urban Planning department at 514 457-5720 or email us at

Consult our residential by-laws section

To obtain a permit, you must fill out the appropriate form, print it, provide the required documents and bring it to the City Hall during the office hours