Road works and maintenance


Installation of piezometers to conduct a feasibility study of drainage in the North Sector

Installation of 30 piezometers in order to carry out a feasibility study of drainage in the area of Aumais, Cypihot and Vallée North Streets.


Study context

The area of Aumais, Cypihot et Vallée North Streets is struggling with confined groundwater drainage problems, especially during spring thaws. Thus, a total of 30 piezometers  will be installed meticulously in order to gain a better understanding of the groundwater situation by the spring of 2018.


The purpose of the study

By reading the piezometers, the City will be able to target the exact location of the required work to solve and control confined groundwater drainage, which may have a real impact on the water infiltration problems in the basements of residences in the area.


What is a piezometer ?

It is a device used to indicate, from the surface, the water level of the confined groundwater.


Work at Centre Harpell

Centre Harpell will be refurbished in the coming months. As a result, the main entrance to Centre Harpell will be inaccessible for the next few months. Access to Centre Harpell will be by the side door (parking) and / or the library.

Most of the work done will focus on enhancing its energy efficiency and reducing the heat island effect in the sector.

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