Les journées de la culture


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Visit www.journeesdelaculture.qc.ca to customize your schedule and plan an entire weekend filled with the cultural activities you enjoy!

22nd Edition: September 28th, 29th, 30th 2018

The Journées de la culture event takes place and is celebrated throughout Quebec. The activities are free and open to all. Come and explore the theme of this year’s festivities, “WORDS are in the spotlight”.


Discover the Art of Binding | Educative Conference

The workshop features several artifacts and reproductions related to different writing materials since the beginning of writing, such as clay tablets, papyrus, scrolls, tissue-based papers, etc. Come and discover the history of writing and printing, and the evolution of binding according to the different types of media.

Animator: Catherine Gaumerd
Audience: Adults (16 and older) | in French
Location: Centre Harpell
Schedule: Friday, September 28th | 7 pm


Marimba Plus | Rhythmic Concert

Enjoy a rhythmic foray into a different world! The works of almost exclusively Canadian composers take you on an unexpected musical journey, where the influences of jazz, world music and popular music meet for a unique concert experience, all played with mallets.   

Animator: Architek Percussion
Clientele: Adults (16 years and older)
Location: Centre Harpell
Schedule: Saturday, September 29th | 7 pm  


Origami Accordion Notebook | Arts & Craft

Registration required: at the library, 514-457-1940. Limited spaces.

Origami workshop on how to make an accordion notebook. Materials provided.

Animarrice : Linda Champagne
6 to 12 years old
Location: Library
Schedule: Sunday, October 30th | 10 am to 11:30 am