Advisory Committees


Volunteers needed to participate in Advisory Committees

The City is looking for citizens who want to get involved in the community by volunteering for one of these advisory committees.

• Community Development Committee

• Traffic and Public Security Committee

• Environment Committee

The Advisory Committees are charged with examining various situations brought to their attention with a view to recommend to city council measures likely to improve the quality of life of all citizens.  The mandate’s term are for a period of 2 years.

Submit your contact information and a cover letter or any other relevant details to City Hall, or by email to, no later than February 26th at 4:30 pm.


Traffic and Public Security

PresidentDana Chevalier, Councillor 1
Members: Remo Boccardi, Sandor Csank, David Wees, Sandu Dolbel, Kevin Woodhouse
Resource persons: Representant du SPVM, PDQ 1, Superviseur- Patrouille municipale or substitute, Directeur général


Planning Advisory Committee (CCU)

PrésidentePaola Hawa, Maire
Members: Ryan Young, Malcom Keith Bridger, Robert Hamilton, Lorne Jackson, Ano Khatcherian
Resource persons: Conseiller en urbanisme, Directeur général


Community Development

PrésidentDaniel Boyer, Conseiller district 4
Members: Tom Broad, Christina Larder, Christianne Loupelle, Marc Hainault, Jill Gowdy
Resource persons: Directrice des Loisirs, Directeur général, Bibliotechnicienne principale, Secrétaire of Service des Loisirs, développement communautaire et économique



PrésidentRyan Young, Conseiller district 2
Members: Lise-Anne Briand, Nancy DiPaolo, Nicola Fleming, Josée Lanouette, Benedicta Porter, Sherman P. Touchburn, Lisa Zentner
Resource persons: Ingénieur municipal et développement durable, Directeur général